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2023-24 Workshops

Monday, December 18th

Meeting 6 PM
Presentation 7PM

Planning Your Writing Year
Danielle Bannister 
Do you struggle with trying to figure out how to meet your writing goals for the year but don’t know where to start? I’ll tell you how I, as a single mom, who works a full-time job with a chronic illness still manage to release four books a year. Get your pencils ready. We’re gonna do some hard-core planning!


No meeting -- Write-in 

Saturday, February 17th

Meeting 11 AM
Presentation 12 PM 

Hooks and How to Use Them: A Pantser’s View on Plotting
Terri Brisbin
 A writer must grab the reader's attention and keep it moving from the first sentence to the last one, through paragraphs, pages, and chapters. If that reader is an editor, hooking them from beginning to end is critical. Terri will review various hooks and plot points and methods of plotting, their importance, and how to use them to strengthen the pacing and structure throughout your book to the last word. (For beginning and experienced writers)

Monday, March 18th

Meeting 6 PM
Presentation 7 PM

Write Faster with Dictation!
Meg Kassel
We'll break down how to dictate to maximize your word count and make the words fly from start to finish, including shortcuts for speedy edits.

Monday, April 15th

Meeting 6 PM
Presentation 7 PM

Failure is Just a Data Point
Gail Carriger
Using data analysis on yourself and your author career. Tracking website, newsletter, social media, and sales to understand what is happening and why and what to do when something goes wrong. How to change your mentality and see failure as guide to positive change. What systems can you set up to track your own career and make informed decisions for the future? How to spend your time and money more wisely.


No meeting -- Retreat

Saturday, June 15th

Member chat 10:30 AM
Presentation 11:00 AM
Annual Meeting 1:00 PM
Presentation  2:00 PM

A Day with Becca Syme
Becca Syme

Monday, September 16th

Meeting 6 PM
Presentation 7 PM

The Breakout Novel
Skye Warren