Contest 2019

We are pleased to announce our
($50 Cash Prize, Certificate, Badge for Social Media Platforms,
& 1 year Membership to MRW)

JUDGES’ CHOICE – Published
Peggy Jaegar
Dearly Beloved

READERS’ CHOICE (online voting) - Published
Jane Sloven *
Termination Benefits
Jenny Evans
England’s Most Ridiculous ++


(Certificate and Social Media Badge)
JUDGES’ CHOICE – Published
Contemporary Winner:  Peggy Jaegar – Dearly Beloved
2nd Place: Peggy Jaegar—Christmas & Cannolis
3rd Place: Barbara Nolan—Beyond Paradise
Honorable Mentions (alphabetically):
Christie Adams—No Going Back
Jane Sloven—Termination of Benefits *

Science Fiction/Paranormal Winner:  Stacy McKitrick – Ghostly Interlude
2nd Place: Keeper of the Bees—Meg Kassel *
3rd Place (tie): Marissa Doyle—Between Silk and Sand
3rd Place (tie): Natalina Reis—Heart’s Prey
Honorable Mentions (alphabetically):
Georgia Tingley—Justice
Victoria Jayne—The Witch of the Prophecy
Emma Kay—Tricking the Beast

READERS’ CHOICE (Online Voting) – Published
Contemporary Winner:  Jane Sloven – Termination of Benefits *
2nd Place: Peggy Jaegar—Dearly Beloved
3rd Place: Peggy Jaegar—Christmas & Cannolis
Honorable Mentions (alphabetically):
Barbara Nolan—Beyond Paradise
Christie Adams—No Going Back

Science Fiction/Paranormal Winner:  Georgia Tingley—Justice
2nd Place: Natalina Reis—Heart’s Prey
3rd Place: Stacy McKitrick—Ghostly Interlude
Honorable Mentions (alphabetically):
Marissa Doyle—Between Silk and Sand
Meg Kassel—Keeper of the Bees *
Victoria Jayne—The Witch of the Prophecy
Emma Kay—Tricking the Beast

Contemporary Winner:  Shae Connor—Rookie Year
2nd Place: Betsy Gray—Love in the Studio
3rd Place: Kristie Wolf—Falling for Vegas

Historical Winner:  Jenny Evans—England’s Most Ridiculous ++
            2nd Place: Jenny Evans—A Scandalous Business ++
            3rd Place: Felicia Grossman—To Catch a Marquess’ Murderess

Science Fiction/Paranormal Winner:  Kat Turner—Under Your Skin
2nd Place: Sharae Allen—Daughter of Saturn
3rd Place: Nina Pierce—Bonded by Pride *

 * Denotes Maine Romance Writers Member
++ Request for FULL manuscript from Deb Werksman, Sourcebooks