Wednesday, October 7, 2020


 Welcome to the official website of the Maine Romance Writers. We are an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting fiction writers. With an emphasis on romance fiction in all genres, our mission is to encourage writers at every point in their journey. Whether you’re newly published, a seasoned writer or looking to publish your debut novel, MRW offers monthly meetings that focus on all aspects of a writer’s journey, from craft to marketing to the business aspects of writing.

 Founded in 1996 as a chapter of Romance Writers of America, we stepped out from under their umbrella in 2013, but our goals remain the same—to support and encourage one another in the ever-changing landscape of publication through education and friendship. Whether you choose a traditional path, go with a small press, or publish as an independent or self-published author, we always welcome new members.

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Our meetings are general held on the third Saturday of every month, September through June at the USM campus in Lewiston, Maine.

 Due to Covid-19 however, we are currently meeting virtually through Zoom. All members are welcome to attend our next meeting. Please look for links on our email loop and FB group. 

Nov 21, 2020 Meeting:


11:00 am to 12:00 pm -Business Meeting

12:00 pm to 12:15 pm – Short Break

12:15 pm - Workshop




Celeste Loring Gleason

Rise Above Self-Sabotage:

If you knew you were doing something that was sabotaging your own success, wouldn’t you want to stop? Of course. But it’s not always obvious how people get in their own way. Self-sabotage is frequently the result of unconscious programming, thoughts and behavior based on beliefs formed early in life, making it hard to simply decide one day to change. Recognizing and undoing self-sabotage involves becoming aware of the programming that’s running the show and choosing to rise to a higher level of consciousness. In this mini-seminar, we’ll talk about a few ways writers (women writers in particular) block their own success. We’ll raise awareness of what might be going on under the surface for you if you recognize yourself in certain scenarios. I’ll leave you with some practical exercises and tips for taking your power back.


Celeste Loring Gleason is a writer, teacher, and empowerment coach with an MFA in Creative Writing from Stonecoast. She is the founder of The Arachne Project, LLC, offering fiction mentorships and transformational coaching for writers and other creatives. Want to work with her? Read the blog and book a discovery call online at; follow on Twitter and Facebook @arachneproject.